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You sucked in a sharp breath, and your breakfast came tumbling into the toilet.

Maybe you had the stomach flu or something, but it was only in the morning.

You brushed it off, and walked back to the living room- Zayn sprawled out on the couch. You jumped beside him, and he wrapped his arm around you.

"Hey babe." He said.

Oh crap.

You covered your mouth with one hand, and sprinted to the bathroom again, puking up nothing.

Zayn’s footsteps creeped into the bathroom, and his shadow was on the wall.

You looked up at him, to find conceded eyes staring down at you.

"You alright, (Y/N)?" He said, kneeling down beside you. You leaned your head against the wall and nodded.

Zayn’s face twisted in thought, and then he stood up, extending his hand towards you.

"Come here, love." He said, and pulled you close to him. He drew you in fio a quick kiss, placing his lips gently agains yours.

"Are you sure?" He whispered, and you sighed. "I think I’m fine." You said, tracing shapes on his shoulder.

"Maybe we should go to the doctors, just in case you have a bug?" You reluctantly agreed, and you two sped off in Zayn’s car.

You drew a number at the clinic, and sat down by the magazine rack.

"Number 32?" The lady called, and you looked down at your number. 54 >

Great. You thought, and you and ZAYN patiently waited, while you flipped through some magazines.

"Number 54?" The lady called, and you popped up from your chair. "Good luck babe!" Zayn called as you walked down the hall.

"So.." The doctor said, "What kind of symptoms are you having?"

"Um…" You tried to think back. "I’ve been throwing up every morning,"

The doctor made a few notes, and you continued.

"I’ve had some back pains, cramps, and I don’t think I’ve had my period for like.. a month."

The doctor put down her notepad, and gave you a small stick that you were supposed to pee on.

You did, disgusted, and the doctor showed you the colors.

"Congratulations" She said, smiling. "You’re pregnant"

You covered your mouth with one hand and giggled. “Thanks” and walked out. You put on a solemn face and walked back out.

"So?" Zayn said.

"Eh, just the stomach flu." And you two drive back home.

As you were hanging up your coats, you couldn’t help it anymore. You started giggling, and it got to the point you were on the floor.

Zayn’s face showed obvious confusion, and he picked you up, playfully throwing you on the couch.

"Oh Zaaayn" You sang, and stood up, folding yourself into his arms. You stood on your tiptoes, and held your mouth millimeters away from his ear.

"IM PREGNANT!" You screamed, and Zayn jumped back rubbing his ear.

"Ow!" He squealed. "Why did you yell in…"

He paused, thinking about what you said.

"WERE PREGNANT!" He screamed, and you held each other in your arms.

"I hope he or she will be as perfect as you." He smiled, and leaned down, pressing his lips on yours.

You joyfully returned the kiss, and his hands placed firmly on your hips. Your hands were softly draped around his shoulders, and you slightly pulled away for a tease.

He pulled you closer, placing his hand on your back, and then he pulled away.

"LET’S GO DISCUSS THE BABYS ROOM." He yelled, and skipped off to the spare room. You giggled, and shook your head.

You like with a nutcase.

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