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Imagine Niall for Sabrina

"Truth or dare." Niall whispered.

You froze, his dares were always the worst, but his truths made you squirm.

It was movie night with all the boys, but the movie was long gone. It was truth or dare time now.

"Dare." You mumbled. His face lit up and an evil grin spread across his face.

"I dare you… to strip and jump in the pool."

Your eyes widened. “Oh, so I’m supposed to do that in front of all these boys, eh Niall?”

A frown was now displayed on your boyfriends face, and he violently shook his head.

"New dare" He squeaked, and thought for a moment.

"Come to the kitchen."

All 6 of you trailed to the kitchen, and Niall rummaged through the cupboards.

He pulled out a very large spoon, and a tin of cinnamon. You sighed. Cinnamon challenge.

He dipped the spoon into the tin and pulled out an oversized pile of cinnamon.

"Eat it." He ordered, and all the boys chuckled.

"C’mon Sabrina!" They chanted, and you plugged your nose, shoveling the spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth.

It instantly dried up your mouth and you unplugged your nose, trying to breathe.

The cinnamon burned your tongue, and bits of it flew into your lungs when you inhaled.

You choked, and a puff of cinnamon tumbled out of your mouth. You coughed for what seemed like hours- and Niall patted your back, dying of laughter.

The rest of the boys were laughing too, and Louis was clutching his sides on the floor. Harry and Zayn were doubled over, and Liam sat on the counter giggling.

You grabbed a cup of water and chugged it down.

"I hate you Horan." You glared at Niall and he only laughed harder.

"It’s not like you could do it." His eyebrow raised, and he shoveled in a spoonful of cinnamon as well.

His eyes bulged, and he clutched at his throat.

He stood there looking ridiculous while you giggled away, and eventually he opened his mouth to reveal… No cinnamon.

You made an impressed face. “Not bad babe.” He grinned, and kissed you, he tasted like cinnamon Your tongue was still numb from all of it though.

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